• Anne Bator

Slow Starts

Slow starts are sometimes needed. Too often I try to move at someone else’s pace, pushing past my capacity, ignoring what my body has to say.

Today I am reminded that energy levels change, and connecting to my own energy is essential. Everyday is different, and things can change moment to moment, but the awareness can stay the same. I’ve learned I can respect my body, my heart, my mind, and my spirit, at any moment without needing it to be any other way.

Some days it will feel right to push. Some days it will feel right to stop. Some days I will need strength and some days I will lend it. When I am aware of my self and my own energy, I will know what is right for me.

How is your energy level today? Are you moving in harmony with your self? Take a moment to reflect on whether your pace is matching that energy. Maybe your pace is what the world around you needs today. Slow down. Check in. And move from your self.


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