• Anne Bator

Virgo New Moon

This New Moon occurs in Virgo, just a few days before the change of seasons. Use the energy of Virgo to ground and send your intentions deep into the earth. Step back and watch as they take flight in Libra season which is just around the corner.

Use the energy a new start in Virgo to ground yourself and gather strength. Send your intentions, hopes and dreams, deep into the earth. Send your grief, frustration, rage and pain deep into the earth too. Let all of you flow into the earth, to be transmuted and transformed. Thank the earth for holding you in all that you are.

Step back and become aware of what is changing inside of you as we move with the change of seasons. Prepare yourself now with the solid strength of the earth underneath your feet. Soon we will be given the chance to propel ourselves forward and fly into the airy season of Libra. Will you be ready?


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