• Anne Bator

Morning Magic

Updated: Jul 23

I woke early this morning in a state of needing relief. Relief from what, I wasn't really sure. Immediately thoughts began to run through my mind about all the things I had to do, and all the ways I am doing things wrong.

I knew all these thoughts and worries were coming for a part of me that wasn't based in truth. I didn't believe them, rather I knew that I didn't need to believe them, yet still they there were, racing in and all around me. Knowing I needed relief, that I somehow needed calm my thoughts, I got out of bed and step onto my south facing balcony, which I've covered with plants.

Light had already filtering into the sky, the streets are peaceful and deserted. I decided to do a quick reading with two of the oracle decks I had left out from the night before. I'm hoping they'll help center me and give me insight into what is happening inside of me. The reading helps, although I don't feel completely in harmony with it. Rather it is like the cards are showing me the space I want to be in which is just around the corner. I thank the cards for connecting with me, and I head back to bed knowing I need more sleep.

Still not feeling my mind at rest, I reach for something I often to use to get me through moments I can't quite lift myself out of, crystals. Instinctively I reach for a Rose Quartz which is easily accessible on my bedroom windowsill, and I go digging in my magical box of crystals for the Black Tourmaline I had briefly noticed the night before.

I hold them close to my body and I feel my mind begin to relax. I feel the thoughts lift out of me and disintegrate into thin air. I put on some drumming music and before I know it I am drifting off on a journey to where, I do not know...

I awake hours later, feeling restored and grateful for my early morning adventure. I am grateful to last night me, who knew enough to keep her tools nearby, she made it easy to reach out in a time of need. I'm grateful for the tension that caused me to wake, and took me to the morning sky, a rare occurrence for me. And I am grateful for the stone medicine, that called to me the night before, knowing what I needed before I did.


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