• Anne Bator

Full Moon

Updated: Sep 16

Full moon gentle reminder...

Manifestation is an involved process, it doesn’t always happen all at once...

This full moon I find myself looking back. Wondering about the manifestations that have come to life over the past few years. Today I’m reminded to stop and take a moment to honour all I have set in motion and all that has carried me through the process of creation.

How many of those manifestations appeared to happen overnight but in reality had been years in the making? I think back to all the time, the energy, the focus and the love I poured into my own dreams and visions. And I think back to all the time and love and support that others sent my way.

What dreams of yours are in the making, stirring underneath, waiting for the right moment to break through into your reality? What dreams are you already living? What dreams haven’t even found you yet? Take a moment and check in. The magic is there waiting.


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