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Weekly Reflections - Calling in Love

Updated: 4 days ago

Reflections for the week ahead - Sept 6th

Call upon the energy of the people you love, and those who love you back. Connect with those who see you, feel you, and know you on a deep level. Let yourself be surrounded by their love. Close your eyes, take a breath, and call them in.

Who comes to mind when you think of love? Is it someone close to you that you can reach out and touch? Or could you pick up the phone and find your way to their voice?

For some of us, the people who come to mind may no longer be with us. But we can still call on their love. Their love is not gone, we carry their love within us.

If you find yourself in a challenging moment this week, connect back to the energy of love. Call in your love. Let the thoughts, the people and the places, that felt like love float over you. Let this love fill you and give you strength. Let your self be loved freely and deeply. Let your self BE love freely and deeply.


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