One Session

This single session offering marks the moment

of the beginning, middle, or end of each season. 

Inner Exploration, Intention, and Reiki

One Focused Session (50 minutes)

available via phone or zoom.


One In Depth Session (75 minutes)

available via phone or zoom.

*Please Book ONE of the following

Beginning of Season

Observe and Emerge

Observe where you are as we enter the season and acknowledge what is emerging for you.

Available  until April 17th

Mid Point of Season

Reflect and Connect

Reflect on how things have been moving for you and connect with the energy of the season.

May 1st - 8th

Change of Season

Integrate and Release

Integrate what you have gathered, hold gratitude for what the season has offered and release is no longer needed.

Jun 11th -June 19th

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