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Sessions Available in Lucknow and Toronto

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Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a hands on healing technique that involves gentle touch. It is a non-invasive treatment, offering you relaxation and connection with your own natural energy flow. The word Reiki means universal life force energy.


During a Reiki session, clients are fully clothed and lie on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on or above specific areas of the body (chakras or energy centres) and energy is projected to those areas. Reiki helps release energy blockages and provides a source of restorative healing.

Mini Reiki

In Depth Reiki

Distance Reiki

Guidance Sessions

Theses sessions focus on your own personal healing. My role is to participate as a witness and gentle guide towards the wisdom that already resides within you.


I will help connect you to the tools and resources that may allow you to engage more deeply with your inner guidance. 

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Grief Support

Intuitive Guidance

Engaging with the Elements

Reiki Moon