Simple Magic

Virgo New Moon

This New Moon occurs in Virgo, just a few days before the change of seasons. Use the energy of Virgo to ground and send your intentions deep into the earth. Step back and watch as they take flight in Libra season which is just around the corner. Use the energy a new start in Virgo to ground yourself and gather strength. Send your intentions, hopes and dreams, deep into the earth. Send your grief, frustration, rage and pain deep into the earth too. Let all of you flow into the earth, to be transmuted and transformed. Thank the earth for holding you in all that you are. Step back and become aware of what is changing inside of you as we move with the change of seasons. Prepare yourself now with

New Blossoms

Unexpected Blooms • What’s blooming in your life? This morning I awoke to find a delicate little flower had bloomed on my spider plant. I had no idea it even flowered. It lead me to wonder, what else is about to burst through into existence in my life. Take a moment with your self, what is on the verge of creation inside of you? Can you feel it about to burst into beauty? Breathe through the tension that precedes the explosive burst of creativity. Let it rise up, out and through you, and claim its rightful place in existence. Let your creative nature out to play.

Weekly Reflections - Sunday Sept 13th

Reflections • For the Week Ahead• The perfect card for the week as we approach the new moon on Thursday. Start thinking now about what new things you wish to bring into your life. Let yourself feel and release old energies, thoughts, and dreams, as we slip out of one moon cycle and into the next. New energy is coming, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t feel it building yet. Be where you are right now, and let the endings work their magic. Trust you are making room for something new, and welcome it when it comes. Seed of Intention Cards by Adrienne Enns

Weekly Reflections - Calling in Love

Reflections for the week ahead - Sept 6th Call upon the energy of the people you love, and those who love you back. Connect with those who see you, feel you, and know you on a deep level. Let yourself be surrounded by their love. Close your eyes, take a breath, and call them in. Who comes to mind when you think of love? Is it someone close to you that you can reach out and touch? Or could you pick up the phone and find your way to their voice? For some of us, the people who come to mind may no longer be with us. But we can still call on their love. Their love is not gone, we carry their love within us. If you find yourself in a challenging moment this week, connect back to the energy of love


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