Simple Magic

Offerings to the Earth

Honouring the Earth can be simple. It doesn’t need to be planned or organized or done a certain way. You don’t need to seek out a specific place, day, or time. You can step in to awareness of and gratitude for the Earth in any moment, whoever you are from wherever you are. Remember you are part of the earth and it is your home, only for a time. Allow yourself the space to feel this in your heart. You are here now. You are alive now. Your presence and time on this Earth are a gift. Hold these truths close to your heart as you walk this Earth.

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon Blessings for a Water Moon Find a quiet moment today, if you can, to tune in to the new beginnings happening inside of you. Whether they are big or small, they are yours. Look within and connect to your heart. Trust your self to find your way to the wisdom you need.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Earth Moon Howl at the moon. Howl with you feet on the earth. Howl from deep within your own heart.


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