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Weekly Reflections - April 29th

Be on the lookout for surprises this week, however they manifest. Whether they show up in your internal world in the form of unexpected insights, pr arise in the external as new found opportunities, seize them! Great things are coming your way. Embrace the element of surprise and celebrate these gifts as they come. Featured Deck Seed of Intention Cards by Adrienne Enns

Lean in to your own process

Everyone's creation process is a little different. getting words out on paper has always been an essential part of mine. I've learned to lean in to my own way of doing, to flow with the magic as it rises from within. We all have our own ways of bring our inner worlds to life. Find yours and let it take hold.

New Moon in Taurus

Earth Moon - April 22nd Talk to the Earth at the time of this full moon. Listen to what she is asking you to create. Work with this moon to bring those new ideas and realities to life. Offer gratitude to this beautiful planet we get to call our home for a moment in time. Offer the earth love daily. Create more beauty. More kindness. More compassion. Do this with every thought and every step you take. This world needs your love, bring it to light, bring it to life.

Weekly Reflections - April 22nd

Create What are you being called to create? How can you bring it to life in a way that is unique to you? Play with the energy of creation this week and see what comes up. This energy is also being supported by the current new moon. It's the perfect time to invite your creations to be infused with magic. Featured Deck Seed of Intention Cards by Adrienne Enns

Weekly Reflections - April 15th

Nourishment Take some time this week to consider how you nourish yourself. What does nourishment mean to you? What does it mean for your mind, body and soul? This week i nourish myself with the sun, taking every chance i get to soak in its warmth. What ways will you nourish yourself this week? Featured Deck Seed of Intention Cards by Adrienne Enns

Weekly Reflections - April 8th

Take some time this week to consider how you express yourself. Does it happen with ease? Is it a challenging thing for you to do? Do you have a preferred way to express yourself? To share your thoughts? Ask yourself, how can i express myself freely in this moment? see what comes. Speak. Sing. Dance. Cry. Laugh. Write. Draw. Do whatever feels right to you. Allow your self to be expressed, to b seen and heard and understood, even if its just by you. Featured Deck Seed of Intention Cards By Adrienne Enns

Full Moon in Libra

Air Moon - April 7th This full moon takes place tomorrow night, cloaked in the magic of the airy sign on Libra. Embrace this moon and work with you consciousness. Invite this air moon to lift out all you no longer need. Trust it to carry the love and truth in your heart out into the world around you.

Weekly Reflections - April 1st

Create a new goal for yourself, one that brings you joy. Let the energy of something new inspire you and carry you through the week. Whether your goal is big or small, trust that you can meet it and allow it to evolve along the way. Featured Deck Seed of Intention card by Adrienne Enns


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