Simple Magic

Morning Magic

I woke early this morning in a state of needing relief. Relief from what, I wasn't really sure. Immediately thoughts began to run through my mind about all the things I had to do, and all the ways I am doing things wrong. I knew all these thoughts and worries were coming for a part of me that wasn't based in truth. I didn't believe them, rather I knew that I didn't need to believe them, yet still they there were, racing in and all around me. Knowing I needed relief, that I somehow needed calm my thoughts, I got out of bed and step onto my south facing balcony, which I've covered with plants. Light had already filtering into the sky, the streets are peaceful and deserted. I decided to do a

Stone Medicine

Do you ever walk along the beach and find yourself stopping to pick up a stone? Does something instinctual stop you in your tracks, asking you to look around and notice a stone that seems to jump out among all the rest? This is stone medicine, you are hearing the call of a stone. Do you ask the stones permission before you pick it up? Sometimes we are just asked to look at the stone. Other times we are asked to hold the stone for a moment, or move it from one place to another. And sometimes we are invited to carry it with us. It is always important ask the stone what is needed at that time. Tune into your heart, it will help you find the answer.


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